Sunday, July 3, 2016

Consumer Horror Story: Groupon G-Pass Tickets

So I bought some Groupon G-passes to "Bryan Adams Get Up! Tour at The Chelsea" in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. When Groupon produces event tickets, called G-Passes, they really really like waiting until the VERY LAST MINUTE to provide you these event tickets. On top of this, they REQUIRE that you PRINT THEM OUT, otherwise you will be denied entry, despite showing it on your cell phone.

In this instance, Groupon promised to have the tickets available the day before the event. The chat below is when I contacted Groupon for the 6th time ONE HOUR INTO THE EVENT!! To be honest, the first 5 agents were FAR WORSE than Cecilia C, this was the best response I've had from Groupon, and that is saying a lot!

[Me] Bryan Adams Get Up! Tour at The Chelsea has started!! I'm currently missing it right now as I am at home, fully dressed to go, talking to you because my tickets/G-Passes are STILL NOT AVAILABLE!! The deadline for me to receive them was yesterday and the deal says I have to physically print them!

Why are my tickets not available yet!? This is the 6th time today, SIXTH TIME that i've had to contact groupon support! By the way, the last chat representative ended the chat after they said: "Allow me to check what's going on and see what I can do to sort this out."
[Cecilia C.] Thank you for contacting Groupon. My name is Cecilia C.
[Cecilia C.] Hi XXXXX.
[Me] hi
[Cecilia C.] I'm sorry to hear that.
[Me] me too!
[Cecilia C.] I apologize for the inconvenience.
[Me] whats going on??
[Cecilia C.] Allow me to check what's going on and see what I can do to sort this out.
[Me] -_-
[Cecilia C.] I'm sorry for the long wait.
[Cecilia C.] I'm still looking for the vouchers.
[Me] yeh, ive been trying to contact groupon all day (and yesterday!) about these vouchers. The G-Passes were supposed to be available yesterday at the latest!
[Me] the show started at 7pm and nobody has managed to get these tickets to me, it's 8pm now!!
[Cecilia C.] I apologize for the inconvenience.
[Cecilia C.] I apologize. I would need more time to find the vouchers. Would it be possible to send you an email?
[Me] no it wouldnt
[Me] the show started an hour ago
[Me] i need them like now
[Me] that had to be a joke right? this is crazy!
[Cecilia C.] What email address was used to purchase the tickets?
[Me] this one
[Me] i linked you to the groupons
[Cecilia C.] I'm sorry the link is not working on my end.
[Me] Is there a manager I can speak to? this is the 5th time today i have been through this
[Cecilia C.] Hold on.
[Me] I really dont want to do this again
[Cecilia C.] For verification, what is the last 4 digits of the card?
[Me] Visa ending in 7398:
[Cecilia C.] Thank you. I see a ticket has been filed for this issue.
[Me] Yes, that was before the concert started. You can imagine now that the concert HAS already started and I didnt receive an email as PROMISED, that i would naturally come back here and wonder why i hadnt received my tickets nor any response!
[Cecilia C.] I sincerely apologize for this trouble.
[Cecilia C.] Apparently, we have an issue with printing the vouchers.
[Cecilia C.] That's why the previous rep had file an urgent ticket for it.
[Me] But the concert started an hour ago!
[Cecilia C.] Let me see what we can do at this point.
[Me] why wasnt i updated?
[Me] i didnt get any email at all!
[Me] I was PROMISED an email
[Cecilia C.] That is true. We would usually send a notification.
[Cecilia C.] One moment please.
[Me] ok
[Cecilia C.] Sorry for the long wait.
[Cecilia C.] Here's what I advise you to do: please approach the event organizer and let them know we are having issues with the printing of vouchers so as a proof, please use your mobile app and show it.
[Me] but the ticket doesnt work on my mobile app!! The seat is blank, the row is blank and not to mention the app doesnt say anything about the ticket because its, surprise surprise, NOT AVAIALBLE!!
[Me] i have no proof at all! The other agent i spoke to today told me I would be denied entry if i tried this
[Cecilia C.] Is is not showing on your list of Groupons?
[Cecilia C.] I can see it on your list.
[Me] yes the item is, but the voucher is not available. Besides, if i left now, the event would almost be over
[Me] somebody should have offered this solution the last 5 times i contacted groupon support, but the only suggestion I received was to NOT do this from the previous person I spoke to!
[Cecilia C.] You just show that you had paid for this show.
[Me] Yes I understand what you are trying to say, but I was told by the last person I spoke to (Groupon agent) that I cannot do this!
[Me] They told me I would be denied entry into the event!
[Me] I dont really want to drive all the way there to take that risk
[Cecilia C.] This is out of our normal process but at this point it is our only option.
[Me] Ok, lets do a full refund to the card, not bucks as you guys have really messed up on this one
[Me] Tickets were promised to us yesterday and quite frankly, they are still not available. You did not email me, or communicate with me AT ALL, despite being promised you would contact me
[Me] So thats $28.00 for two groupons, $56.00 total to the card used to make the purchase. Visa ending in 3252
[Cecilia C.] Yes. I will have this processed by an account specialist and once it is completed I will send you an update.
[Cecilia C.] You will get an email confirmation as well once these vouchers have been cancelled.
[Me] Will I actually get an update this time? I mean, the other agent promised me they would reach out to me, but they did not
[Cecilia C.] You have my word.
[Me] Can I have a number or ID or anything please
[Cecilia C.] I'll personally see to it that it gets done.
[Me] I dont really want to explain this again to agent number #7, I'm just so tried of this
[Cecilia C.] I don't have any ID to provide but you can use our chat as a reference.
[Me] Giving me a confirmation ID or refund ID would give me peace of mind
[Me] I am beyond stressed
[Cecilia C.] I fully understand. I would be if I were in your place.
[Cecilia C.] But I don't have any ID I can give at this point. The only reference is the ticket number you will get after the chat ends.
[Me] What is the maximum amount of time before I get a response? and please no bucks... Normally this would be fine, but I want to make sure that card is refunded! This has really ruined my night and I will go absolutely spare if I see bucks in my account in 2 days
[Cecilia C.] Understood.
[Cecilia C.] It will be refunded to your card.
[Me] ok great, ill copy this chat as reference and expect a response within 24 hours?
[Cecilia C.] Yes.
[Cecilia C.] You can't redeem using the mobile app but at least you can show that this was paid for.
[Me] Ok great. I really don't want to be back here in 25 hours. I think 2 in 10 times I have received an email as promised from groupon, but I will take your word for it. I guess thats all I can do right now.
[Me] Understood, but by the time I get there, itll be almost over
[Me] I'm cutting my losses and getting de-changed back into pyjamas and going to bed, Bryan Adams-less! You really suck Groupon! I feel sorry for the people whom had travelled from out of state to see this show! These people do exist, they have been posted on the event wall on Facebook.
[Cecilia C.] I understand. It's Bryan Adams concert and who would want to miss it.