Monday, December 15, 2014

GoDaddy - HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. (Windows Plesk Hosting IIS8)

Rarely, I receive a HTTP 503 Error with my web applications hosted on GoDaddy with Windows Plesk hosting. I try to stop or restart the application pool in IIS8 and I get this error:

GoDaddy support has this to say:
Devin -
They are stating the app pool is running now. If you have them backed up you could to a total reset of the hosting account which could get rid of any issues but I'm checking with them to see if we have any logs that would tell us why it was reset.
Devin -
They stated that you'd want to set the trust level to full. They also advised that part of the issue could be an app that doesn't match the .net version.

I had already told him already that it's a simple .NET 4.5 web app with no extra trust requirements. So to conclude, give all your apps full trust or perform a full reset of your hosting account? Anybody with 1% knowledge of IIS/ASP.NET would fall off their chair at this advise!

This application runs fine locally and on HostGator. It's not triggering IIS's Rapid Fail Protection an it's not using hardly any resources or memory. GoDaddy will not offer me log files or anything to help me troubleshoot the issue.

Devin -
I do understand your situation and I really apologize for the trouble. If I had a way to provide you those logs, I would. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so. We do not have logs for these errors. I really do wish there was something more that I could do for you, but we have reached our limit. There is nothing more that we can look into on this issue and we do not have any extra information to provide.

So GoDaddy has left with with 5 of my hosted domains with them all pointing to a 503 error which i'm unable to fix as I have no admin privileges and no access to the IIS logs (which apparently they dont have?! That doesn't even make sense!). As a loyal customer for 7+ years, are they really that stupid? I am actually really confused about their business decisions and how they treat their most loyal customers. What do they actually expect me to do now?

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