Sunday, December 21, 2014 - Host Gator's Terrible Technical Support

Chat ID:13084376. Question: DNS problem with my domain
(5:19:30pm)System:Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(5:19:43pm)System:Thank you for verifying your billing account [EMAIL]
(6:29:59pm)Afolabi S.:Welcome to HostGator LiveChat. I'd be glad to assist you today.
(6:33:12pm)Afolabi S.:Please wait while I check. Thank you for your patience.
(6:36:33pm)Sean G:Thanks
(6:37:14pm)Sean G:I'm trying to point a domain which is hosted at GoDaddy to my hosting at HostGator
(6:40:21pm)Afolabi S.:OK.
(6:41:00pm)Afolabi S.:tHIS IS YOUR SERVER:
(6:41:22pm)Afolabi S.:sorry for the caps.
(6:42:05pm)Sean G:Yes that's right, but that doesnt help me. I already knew that, I need help configuring this
(6:44:27pm)Afolabi S.:use this document as a guide
(6:45:04pm)Sean G:yes ive already seen that article
(6:45:07pm)Sean G:thats why im asking you for help setting it up. There seems to be a problem with the DNS settings/server
(6:48:31pm)Sean G:hello?
(6:48:50pm)Afolabi S.:I gave you the server name.
(6:49:59pm)Sean G:yes you did, but thats not my question
(6:50:11pm)Sean G:can i speak to somebody else please thanks
(6:50:19pm)Sean G:maybe a supervisor, im not sure you are understanding me
(6:50:55pm)Sean G:hello?
(6:51:06pm)Afolabi S.:Your question was "I'm trying to point a domain which is hosted at GoDaddy ( to my hosting at Host Gator"
(6:51:47pm)Afolabi S.:And I have provided you with the server name and a guide.
(6:52:25pm)Sean G:you gave me a server name and a url
(6:52:37pm)Sean G:im asking for help. your 'advice' gave me no help at all
(6:52:42pm)Sean G:let me speak to your supervisor
(6:53:42pm)Sean G:Hello?
(6:54:08pm)Afolabi S.:I have no supervisor here.
(6:54:17pm)Sean G:Let me speak to somebody else (6:57:04pm)Sean G:hello?? ....
(6:59:30pm)Afolabi S.:I have some DNS issues withm a customer, can you help?
(6:59:36pm)Sean G:please answer my questions when i ask them or i will have to file a complaint. I have asked for help setting up my domain to point to HostGator as I want what i have paid for. You gave me a server name (which I aleady knew) and you gav me a URL which i told you that i had already read. I need HELP setting up and you response is "I gave you the server address"
(6:59:40pm)Sean G:literally... What the hell
(6:59:58pm)Afolabi S.:I am escalating the issues now.
(7:00:12pm)Sean G:That would be the most useful thing you would have done in this whole chat
(7:00:15pm)Sean G:well done to you

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