Friday, January 6, 2017

Cell Phone Scam - celldays on eBay

Please be aware of user: celldays on eBay

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The Scam
The seller deals which selling cell phone. The seller will claim the IMEI is good however, the phone has NOT been paid off! So later, in a week, a month, the phone will be blacklisted by the carrier. This will deem the phone useless and it's resale value will not rock bottom. Once this has happened, it will be outside of the ebay 30 day return and feedback policy.

If you are lucky enough to catch this early... REQUEST A RETURN! - However, you will notice that when you return an item, you CANNOT leave feedback... This is why their feedback looks so good!

Here is the response I received from Celldays on eBay

You will not have a problem, and we will extend our warranty if this happens (but it won't).

Please see our 12,000+ feedbacks, not one problem like this.


My Response

How can you guarantee I wont have a problem? I assume you, I read your feedback, which is why I purchased this.

Let's look at an example of how you are scamming people...

1. I buy a phone from AT&T on a 2 year contract.
2. I make one monthly payment of $50 and then stop making payments
3. I sell the phone on ebay
4. AT&T start sending me bill reminders, which I ignore...
5. AT&T would naturally blacklist the IMEI after x weeks have passed. Why wouldn't they? You have paid $50 for a phone, which you sold for $350 on ebay. You are $300 up!! Why would AT&T NOT blacklist this phone? Again... How can you guarantee I wont have a problem?

Now, I have visited AT&T in person, they have told me that this is a scam.... Not a great first impression. They pulled up the bill for the previous owner and said they have NOT been paying their bill. AT&T told me in person, that this phone WILL get blacklisted.

So again... How can you guarantee I wont have a problem?

I Then checked google, and it's full of these issues... Im not really full on confidence here! They ONLY person that has said I won't have a problem is the person selling me the phones... What does that tell you? Seriously?

Now... I would like TWO phones, with GOOD IMEI, which have been paid off..

Paid off, means that, you fully OWN the phone for which you are selling... You cannot legally sell a phone which is not owned by yourself (As I have explained above)... If you buy a car which has been half paid off by the previous owner, naturally, you as the new owner would pick up these payments or the car would get taken away.

Look... I'm not an idiot, so please don't throw warranty claims at me... Just give me what I ordered please.

Thank you.

Their Final Response
New message from: celldays
I am insulted.

What scam? Who is a scammer?

Who paid $50?

If you do not want it, please send everything back for a full refund. (Yes, we always back our customers)

Please send everything back for a full refund.


Seriously!? They look the only bad points and discarded my whole entire explanation! They know EXACTLY what they are doing!



  1. Hello

    I got scamed by them but only I never seen the phone .
    They told me its in transit from usa and thats why it takes so long .
    I contacted ebay and they told me that the case is allready closed in the favor of the seller , and I was like whaat?
    So damn yea i fucking hate ebay

    1. That's awful and absolutely unacceptable! So sorry to hear that this happened to you. Sometimes I can't believe the stupidity in the way situations like this are handled. Sometimes calling back multiple times results in a different verdict through eBay but if you've tried this and not had any better luck that's extremely frustrating. I hate to say it but sometimes places like Amazon, though not perfect, can be worth the higher cost just for the improved quality of service and care for the buyer.